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Booking & Information

Email: voicesofvetsinc@gmail.com   |    Phone: 443-745-9482   | 7505 Covey Road, Jessup, MD 20794

© 2016 by Voices of Vets, Inc. 


Located in the Baltimore Washington area, Voices of Vets is a 501(c)(3) non-profit performing group. Our goal is to perform in every veteran home in the United States. We also perform at other related veterans’ events.  


For us, it is not only about the performance, but also our interaction with the veterans.  Specifically, in veteran homes, we provide small gifts for each veteran (flags, fans, leis, flowers, etc.).  We try not to leave a venue until we have had a conversation or made a connection with every veteran in attendance.  The change in behavior and attitude is evident throughout the show: veterans enter the room many asleep, not able to focus, and uninterested, but as they hear the voices and the music, the veterans come alive.  They open their eyes, tap their feet, and are able to sing the words to these familiar tunes. Nurses and staff frequently mention specific veterans and their remarkable improvement throughout the hour-long show.  

Specifically this quote comes from the Tennessee State Veterans’ Home in Murfreesboro,


“Our resident on that unit had not been eating or drinking and was sleeping most of the time during meal times and had been like this for about a week or so. Once he heard your voices and the music, he perked up quite a bit. He enjoyed a milkshake and ate a good bit of his lunch that day during the performance. He had his eyes open and would smile and laugh with staff.  You could tell he was enjoying what he was hearing.


As we had discussed after the main performance, music is one of the last things to go with dementia patients. More specifically, musical aptitude and appreciation. Music can evoke emotions with the individuals and in turn assist in memory recall. Many patients can remember and sing songs long after losing the ability to remember other things.”


    -Rebecca Raby, Activities’ Assistant Director

VOV Board Members

Kassandra Sandacz CEO

Ms. Jackie Daley

Brig. Gen. Anne B. Gunter 

Lt Col Sheldon Goldberg (retired Air Force)

LTC Ruth Hamilton (retired Army)

COL William P. Holmes III (retired Army)

Mr. Joseph Lloyd (Veteran U.S. Army)

Mrs. LeAnn McCreedy

COL Bert Rice (retired Army)

LTC Alfred Shehab (retired Army)